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  • Signature Pet Transport Services

    Signature Pet Transport Services

    At DOGG!T, we are excited to partner with Signature Pet Transport (SPT) Travel Concierge services to offer our valued community exclusive benefits and premium services tailored to your pet travel needs. Whether you are traveling your new puppy from your breeder to you, or you are planning an epic human/dog vacation with your best friend.…

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  • The 3 Types of Puppy Homes

    The 3 Types of Puppy Homes

    Did you know there are different criteria that breeders use to place their puppies in proper homes? As a responsible breeder, it is imperative to prioritize breeding for temperament, the ability to perform breed-specific tasks, and sound physical structure. These criteria are fundamental for promoting the health, happiness, and overall well-being of dogs. Contrary to…

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  • Should I Adopt a Dog or Buy a Puppy?

    Should I Adopt a Dog or Buy a Puppy?

    While DOGG!T supports all responsible homing for any dog on our planet, we will never encourage breeders who do not follow our responsible breeding standards.   Setting a standard in breeding practices is the first step in helping the current problems our dogs face today: overpopulation in shelters, major health problems and extreme inconsistent temperaments making…

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  • Mythbusters!  True or false?

    Mythbusters!  True or false?

    It’s ok to only do Embark genetic testing when breeding dogs: FALSE! Embark genetic testing for dogs provides valuable insights into a dog’s genetic makeup, including potential health risks and ancestry. However, it is not sufficient for clearing breeding dogs from all health and genetic issues due to several reasons: Overall, while Embark DNA testing…

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  • Collar Types

    Collar Types

    There are several types of dog collars, each serving different purposes and having their own advantages and disadvantages: When choosing a collar for your dog, consider their breed, size, temperament, and specific training needs. It’s essential to ensure proper fit and comfort, and always consult with your breeder first, and employ a professional trainer or…

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