The 3 Types of Puppy Homes

Did you know there are different criteria that breeders use to place their puppies in proper homes?

As a responsible breeder, it is imperative to prioritize breeding for temperament, the ability to perform breed-specific tasks, and sound physical structure. These criteria are fundamental for promoting the health, happiness, and overall well-being of dogs. Contrary to popular belief, breeders involved in confirmation shows or performance sports do not exclusively focus on one aspect when breeding. In most cases, litters will exhibit a range of qualities across these three categories, and breeders carefully match each puppy with the most suitable homes based on these criteria. It’s crucial to recognize that all responsible breeders should aim to produce dogs that excel in either performance or show settings, while also ensuring that every puppy possesses exceptional companionship qualities, including proper structure, innate instincts, and consistent temperaments. If a breeder does not actively engage in dog sports or confirmation, there is a small chance they are breeding responsibly. 

Companion- what type of pup goes to a companion home?

A companion puppy is the desired choice for many individuals seeking a new pup. Responsible breeders carefully match the temperaments of their puppies with suitable homes that align with their criteria and lifestyle. Often, breeders will select the ideal puppy for each owner, primarily considering the puppy’s temperament when choosing a companion dog. 

Performance- what type of pup goes to a performance home?

A performance puppy is identified by its demonstrated interest and potential skill in the specific area for which they were bred. For instance, in a litter of a hunting breed, puppies are assessed for their enthusiasm and aptitude for bird-related activities. Those that exhibit the greatest interest and understanding of their natural instincts are typically selected or prioritized for placement in hunting homes. Performance homes are also homes that are good fits for obedience, rally, agility, dock diving, barn hunt, ratting, carting,  herding and working dog competitions among others. 

Show- what type of puppy goes to a show home?

A show puppy exemplifies the optimal structural characteristics for its breed. While some litters may contain potential show prospects, others may not. Breeders carefully assess the entire litter to identify which puppies meet the criteria for “show quality.” This designation indicates that the breeder has selected these puppies as suitable candidates for individuals interested in exhibiting, breeding, and championing them in the AKC conformation ring. 

Ideally, any breeding dog should meet the standards for either performance or show quality, if not both. Breeding solely companion dogs is not advised. The primary focus in breeding is to improve the breed, which requires breeding dogs with soundness and proper instincts. Consistency in temperament is achieved by selecting dogs with exceptional temperaments in addition to meeting soundness and performance metrics. 

If a breeder does not participate in either performance (ie. hunting, herding or working events) or confirmation (commonly known as “dog shows”), there should be heightened concern and added attention to verifying the breeder’s ethics and responsibility.