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  • Should I Adopt a Dog or Buy a Puppy?

    Should I Adopt a Dog or Buy a Puppy?

    While DOGG!T supports all responsible homing for any dog on our planet, we will never encourage breeders who do not follow our responsible breeding standards.   Setting a standard in breeding practices is the first step in helping the current problems our dogs face today: overpopulation in shelters, major health problems and extreme inconsistent temperaments making…

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  • Mythbusters!  True or false?

    Mythbusters!  True or false?

    It’s ok to only do Embark genetic testing when breeding dogs: FALSE! Embark genetic testing for dogs provides valuable insights into a dog’s genetic makeup, including potential health risks and ancestry. However, it is not sufficient for clearing breeding dogs from all health and genetic issues due to several reasons: Overall, while Embark DNA testing…

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